Pathways to Discovering Your True Self

Pathways to Discovering Your True Self

Pathways to Discovering Your True Self

Michaele Knous Counseling and Therapy

Naperville IL



It’s Not About What You Need to Do – It’s About Who You Want to Be


I Can Help! HEALING the source of your issues and challenges.
It’s uncovering those painful feelings that rise up when we are in romantic relationships, relationships with siblings, children, friends, parents and even co-workers.
All of these relationships can activate painful feelings from our early years – especially those of us who have had difficult experiences in our family of origin.
Our core beliefs about ourselves and our world comes from what we learned about who we are (or fear who we are) along the way. I can help you understand, process, and heal so that you may come back to your authentic self – the self that was always there – before we became conditioned by family, school, friends and so much more.

The TRUTH is this: Our therapy is not about learning tools, skills, or strategies. Our therapy is about HEALING FROM THE INSIDE OUT.





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Following is insurance I take:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO
  • Blue Choice
  • Anthem
  • United Health