Meet Michaele

Meet Michaele

Why I do this

I am always grateful to be a part of my clients’ journeys — help explore, gain insights and revelations – that pathway to heal and change .  Ultimately, taking action to grow – thrive!

My own family system growing up was quite a challenge.  Early on, I began to explore those inherited, unhealthy patterns.  I’ve always been compelled to find my pathway to healing, ever-changing and thriving in my life as well.  I’m certain my early experiences propelled me to embrace my humanity and help others through compassion, kindness, and regard.  This work is very personal to me!

How I work

I will create a safe and compassionate environment for you.  I will meet you where you are.  The continual flow of our process will, hopefully, lead you to a place of healing, feeling more authentic and becoming more connected.  Offering, a variety of clinical methods I’ll customize for you a unique healing journey.

Who I am as a therapist

I bring all of me to our therapy space.  I will always be honest, transparent and open with you (and encourage you to do the same). There are times when I may reflect to you a personal example to lighten a place where you are feeling alone or stuck.

I have to say, I think about my clients a lot.  There will be times, I’ll have for you a quote, an article or a book title in regards to our work or even our latest session. No conversation is off limits.  At this point in life, nothing really intimidates me.  I laugh, I cry…   you will see me in all of my humanity.





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