Men and Therapy

There are many men in our society who have been and are quite comfortable seeking therapy.  Usually, these same men are open, vulnerable, and accountable for their behavior — looking for growth and change.

Being open to doing things differently is an opportunity to gain new insights, perspectives regarding themselves and other important people in their lives.  Traditionally, men have been taught vulnerability and openness translates to being weak.  Being in charge and having power in all areas of their lives are what constitutes a good man.

Today, however, men are looking for something different.  It could be they are looking to surrender former ways of showing up in life and becoming more emotionally connected to loved ones, friends, and family.  A key to growth is unlearning antiquated ways of thinking about themselves and interacting with others. Men have mostly been taught that professional accomplishment, engaging in and being good at sports, and having power is mostly what’s necessary to be a successful man.

With therapy in a safe environment:

  • Men can explore and learn to define themselves on their own terms.
  • Men can learn new ways of interacting in their significant relationships by exploring awareness of emotions and be able to express them by being understanding, loving and empathic.
  • Additionally, men can explore new (and perhaps enhanced) ways of being in their children’s’ lives. Many men today want to be more engaged and connected with their kids – perhaps freeing themselves of those past traditional roles whereby Mom helps with homework, goes to school plays, and does all the nurturing.  Learning to navigate responsibilities and challenges with their children are but a few ways to feel authentic success as a Dad!

At Michaele Knous Counseling and Therapy in Naperville IL, you can find your place in the world as a whole person becoming more authentic, vulnerable, and wholehearted.

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